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In Memoriam

In 2006, we lost all but one of our cats in a tragic housefire, and Mike was badly injured (see his story at the link). This page is in honor of those cats we lost.
GC, RW Rockn' Spots Crazy Horse
GC Blackwater Mr Bill of Rockn' Spots
Sunstone Dejavoodoo of Rockn' Spots
GC Walnuthollow Vogue of Rockn' Spots
GC Rockn' Spots Magic Mocha
Megadots War Paint of Rockn' Spots
Rockn' Spots Kiss This
Konza Abbi Road of Rockn' Spots
Rockn' Spots Funky Cold Medina
Rockn' Spots Taboo
Verain Mufasa of Rockn' Spots



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